Buddhist Resources

Various and sundry texts that I’ve collected, or typed up:


Buddhist Sutras:

Liturgy for Chanting:

Poetry or Letters


4 Responses to Buddhist Resources

  1. Robert says:


    To create a blog with the voices from your temple is a wonderful, contemporary way to connect and to seek refuge in each other.

    I will be adding it to the blog roll of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple website.

    Just a couple of corrections….
    The Buddhist Churches of Canada has changed their name to the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada.
    The link should also be corrected, http://www.bcc.org or livingdharmacentre.org

    Also the link to Unbeaten by Rain should be
    http://manitobabuddhistchurch.org/jodoshinshu/unbeatenbyrain.html (just remove the slash at the end.

    Palm to palm,
    Robert Miyai
    Manitoba Buddhist Temple

    • Doug says:

      Thanks very much for the corrections. The blog links have been updated as you requested, and it’s certainly nice to hear from fellow Shinshu Buddhists. 🙂

      Hands to palm,

  2. Robert says:

    Oops, make that bcc.ca or livingdharmacentre.ca

  3. Doug says:


    This has been fixed at last. Apologies for the delay. 🙂

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